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Moving and Storage Services

Residential Moving Services

Often customers simply want a couple of hours of help to move or a full-service moving option. Sometimes it might be an acreage, an apartment, a storage unit and anything else you can imagine. We’ve got an experienced team of movers specifically trained for all types of inquiries. We even provide full or partial packing services for your move - this really takes the stress away! Maybe you want to move out of the Province or to another city? We’ve got all kinds of long-distance moving options as well.

Corporate Moving Services

The logistics involved in an office move is usually a lot more complicated than when moving a home. In addition to the size of the move, the importance of having each department perfectly reorganized to its desired state, the value of the documents, and the respect of deadlines is crucial in order not to disrupt the company’s activity. Aris moving and storage, we understand how important an office move is for a company. This is why everything will be arranged so that  at 9:00 am on Monday, every employee can start the day as if it were any other Monday.

Long Distance Moving Services

When selecting a moving company for a long-distance move, avoid franchises. Franchises and VanLine companies combine loads, so your goods are transferred multiple times to different trucks and drivers. With these companies, your goods are loaded and offloaded and combined with other people's loads throughout the journey, which increases your risk of damage and lost pieces.

When booking your long-distance moving with Aris Moving, your belongings will be carried from A to B by the same crew and the same truck.

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